For months, rumors have been swirling that 82-year-old Burt Reynolds is in poor health. And now that he’s appearing on The Talk for a rare interview on Monday, March 26, fans are wondering what condition the Hollywood icon is really in today.

According to his manager’s recent comment to People, Burt’s health is “perfect” ever since he underwent elective bypass surgery eight years ago.

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Burt in March 2018.

Burt was last photographed in public in March 2018 while out and about for interviews in NYC. Although he’s still carrying a cane, he looks better today than he did when he appeared at a Q&A event at the Key West Film Festival in Key West, FL in November 2016. Months before that, he made another rare appearance at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, during which one fan commented he looked “weak and frail.”

“People were concerned about his health,” an eyewitness exclusively told Closer Weekly of Burt’s condition, noting he walked with a cane at the event. “Burt has health problems on so many fronts and they’re slowly eating away at him,” a friend of the actor added.

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Burt in November 2016.

“Burt is one of the last of his era — a genuine tough guy,” an insider said. “The last thing he would ever want is for people to feel sorry for him.”

The Boogie Nights star has unfortunately been plagued with health issues in prior years. After once breaking his jaw, Burt lost 30 pounds by not eating and reportedly became addicted to painkillers for several years. In May 2009, he underwent back surgery and in February 2010 had a quintuple heart bypass.

In a previous interview, Burt revealed his newfound struggles to walk come from years and years of doing his own stunt work on film shoots. “I did all my own stunts, which is why I can’t walk very well now,” he said. “At certain times in the morning, I regret [my decision to do stunts], trying to get out of bed. I can point to certain places and know it’s from certain pictures,” he added during his past appearance on ITV’s The Jonathan Ross Show.

burt reynolds getty images

Burt in December 2015.

Despite his health concerns, Burt confessed to Closer that’s he’s thrilled to have made it to his 80s. “I’m happy… because the alternative is pretty grim!” he said in February 2016. “I don’t feel my age. It’s just a number.”

A close friend of Burt’s added, “As long as his body is willing, he wants to continue acting until the day he dies. Burt believes, despite his aches and pains, he still has a lot of living left to do.”