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Vanna White Has Never Repeated a Gown on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ — And She’s Worn Almost 7,000!

This is fascinating!

Did you know Vanna White has worn nearly 7,000 gowns throughout her 35-year career on Wheel of Fortune? The best part? She's never repeated one!

The 60-year-old also adds that when she's not looking absolutely perfect and turning letters on the hit game show, her style "differs tremendously" from the show. "Off camera I’m a blue jeans, tennis shoes kind of girl," she admits to People in a new interview.

Vanna also revealed that she doesn't get to keep any of the clothes! Her wardrobe stylist said, "I think the number one question [she gets from audiences] is, do you get to keep your clothes? There’s a common misconception that all of these clothes are in a closet somewhere." Turns out, they're not! The brands loan her the item and then after the filming, they're returned right away!

She does have a preference on style, though! "My favorite gowns are the comfortable ones," she confessed, adding that she likes the ones that are stretchy. "I’ve started wearing a lot more cocktail dresses and I like that too because I don’t have to worry about the hem or tripping over it in my 5-inch heels," Vanna added.

Her stylist also has to make sure that the dress isn't too tight that way she can reach the top row of letters. Also, strapless gowns are a no-go because they can easily fall and they don't want Vanna pulling up her dress the whole time.

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“As long as I can touch all the letters, I can wear it – I think there’s not one color I haven’t worn," Vanna notes. So cool!

Click through the gallery below to see Vanna’s best fashion moments off-camera!