As one half of the duo Simon & Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel won over fans of the rock and folk genres with his high-pitched tenor voice. Decades after the musical duo first achieved mainstream popularity, many have wondered what happened to Art and where he is now. Scroll below to find out. 

What Happened to Art Garfunkel?

Born on November 5, 1941, in Queens, New York, Art developed a passion for performing when he was just a child. He ended up meeting his eventual singing partner, Paul Simon, in elementary school. In 1957, they teamed up to record the song “Hey, Schoolgirl,” which landed in the top 50 on the pop charts. 

In 1964, Simon & Garfunkel released their debut studio album, Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m., under Columbia Records. The album initially failed to bring the group success, leading them to disband. The trajectory of their music careers changed when producer Tom Wilson decided to remix their tune “The Sound of Silence.” The new additions to the track ultimately led the pair to find fame with the No. 1 song in the U.S.  

Over the next few decades, the musicians released four more studio albums with hits like “Mrs. Robinson,” “Homeward Bound,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “The Boxer” and more. Both Art and Paul also decided to pursue solo careers on top of their work as a duo. In 1990, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

The longtime friends ended up splitting multiple times throughout the years after their first album’s release. Art and Paul reunited in 2003 to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 45th Annual Grammys. Simon & Garfunkel ended up touring once more across the U.S. and Europe after the appearance.  

What Happened to Art Garfunkel? Where Singer Is Now
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Where Is Art Garfunkel Now?

In January 2010, Art began experiencing vocal problems after choking on a piece of lobster at a restaurant. The incident caused him to have a hoarse voice and issues swallowing. After a trip to the doctor, the performer was told that one of his vocal cords was stiff and thicker than the other one. 

“​​As the weeks ensued, I saw that I couldn’t finesse my singing in the mid-range,” Art told Rolling Stone in February 2014. “I could do the high notes and the low notes. High notes are my stock in trade, thank God. But I couldn’t sing, ‘When you’re weary, feeling small.’ I couldn’t do anything in the middle where you need that finesse. It’s indescribable. I was crude instead of fine.”

What Happened to Art Garfunkel? Where Singer Is Now
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At the time, he was happy to announce that he regained his singing voice back by 96 percent and was looking forward to getting back on stage. In April 2023, Art’s team revealed in a statement that he decided “not to return to touring for the foreseeable future and has canceled all upcoming dates.”

Is Art Garfunkel Married? 

The Grammy winner has been married twice. Art and his first wife, Linda Marie Grossman, were married from 1972 to 1975. He walked down the aisle with his second wife, Kim Garfunkel, in 1988. 

Does Art Garfunkel Have Any Children?

Art and Kim are parents to two children. Their eldest son, James, was born in 1990. The couple welcomed their second son, Beau, via surrogate in 2005. 

“It’s intoxicating” he reflected on fatherhood to People after the birth of his youngest child. “You’re being pinched out of normal life. You are going to be chumped and made silly and startlingly ecstatic.”