From September 1975, to June 1979, this high school class said “up your nose with a rubber hose” to authority. The iconic American sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter told the story of Gabe Kotter — played by actor Gabe Kaplan — who finds himself in charge of a class full of unruly remedial students called the Sweathogs after being hired as a teacher at his old high school.

The Sweathogs were known as obnoxious, wisecracking and underachieving students — played by John Travolta, Lawrence Hilton-JacobsRobert Hegyes and Ron Palillo — who test their new teacher’s patience to the max every day.

In honor of the sitcom’s 40th anniversary since it’s final episode that aired on June 8, 1979, take a look at what the beloved cast has been up to!

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