It’s been nearly five years since the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice ended after six seasons on ABC and fans of the medical drama are still obsessed with the show! One of our all-time favorite Private Practice characters was Dr. Violet Turner — who was played by Amy Brenneman — mostly because she had some crazy storylines throughout the series.

Speaking frankly, we’re still not over one particularly harrowing Season 2 episode (titled “Yours, Mine and Ours”) where pregnant psychiatrist Violet was brutally attacked by her mentally ill patient Katie Kent. Katie had recently visited Violet at Oceanside Wellness Centre to undergo grief counseling after she miscarried a baby. During their appointment, Katie acted strangely euphoric about Violet’s pregnancy, leading the doctor to worry Katie may not have been taking her prescribed psychiatric medications.

violet 'private practice' getty images

Violet and Katie on Private Practice. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Hours later, Katie enters Violet’s home, drugs her, and holds her hostage because she believes the physician is carrying her baby. Realizing that she may be arrested for assaulting Violet if she waits until she gives birth, Katie begins to follow textbook instructions on how to perform a C-section. Violet then heartbreakingly surmises that she may not make it out of her house alive, so she coaches Katie through the C-section in the hopes of saving her unborn baby.

The season crazily ends with Katie holding a scalpel to Violet’s belly. What a cliffhanger, right?! In the first episode of Season 3 — ominously titled “A Death in the Family” — Violet’s Oceanside co-workers Dr. Pete Wilder and Dr. Naomi Bennett find her lying in a pool of her own blood on the floor of her home with the baby removed from her body.

The two rush Violet to the hospital where Naomi and Dr. Addison Montgomery work to save her life. At the hospital, Pete and Dr. Cooper Freedman (Violet’s best friend) find Katie holding Violet’s baby. They convince her to allow the child to be examined by a doctor and Katie is subsequently arrested. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Naomi and Addison were able to save both Violet and the baby and the two return home so Violet can begin to physically and emotionally recover from the trauma.

Violet ultimately goes on to live a great — albeit slightly troubled — life and at the very send of the series, it’s revealed that the psychiatrist penned a book about her recovery called (what else) Private Practice. Don’t you just love when TV shows come full circle?! We so wish Private Practice was still on the air, it was such a great series!