For three seasons of the hit Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice, we watched Sam and Naomi Bennett’s daughter, Maya Bennett, grow from a shy teenager into a married woman and new mom. And while Maya was definitely a big part of the ABC show, many fans may not know exactly who played her. Actress Geffri Maya landed the part a decade ago in 2007, the year Private Practice officially premiered to chronicle favorite Grey’s character Addison Montgomery‘s move from Seattle to LA.

At the time, actress Geffri was pretty new to showbiz — she’d only made her acting debut one year before in a 2006 episode of the dystopian CBS series Jericho. She then appeared in 12 episodes of Private Practice as the only child of divorced couple Sam Bennett (played by Taye Diggs) and Naomi Bennett (portrayed by Audra McDonald) from 2007 until 2010. Though Maya had a few strong plot points throughout the first two seasons — remember when her high school friend Ruby had a late-stage ectopic pregnancy?! — the character’s storyline really got good in Season 3.

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In the episode “Another Second Chance,” Maya — who was not speaking to her mom, Naomi, at the time — went to her Aunty Addison and confessed she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Dink. At first, Naomi demanded Maya get an abortion, but the teen later decided to have the baby and vowed to raise the child without her parents’ help. Maya and Dink soon after decided to get married and the Bennett family eventually reconciled at the young couple’s wedding.

The story from there got really good. During a visit to her parents’ practice, Maya went into early labor and her friend, Dell — Oceanside Wellness Centre’s hot receptionist who later became a trained midwife — rushed her to the hospital. On the way, Maya and Dell got into a car accident and Addison had to save both Maya and her baby’s lives in emergency surgery. Sadly, Dell died in the crash and, basically, every Private Practice fan was devastated. At the very end of the series, Maya was accepted to her dream college, Columbia University, and her mom, Naomi moved to NYC to help take care of her granddaughter, Olivia, while Maya attended school.

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Geffri on Private Practice and today.

In real life, actress Geffri similarly went to college after wrapping her time on Private Practice. Following her graduation from LA’s Hamilton High School Academy of Music, Geffri went to Atlanta’s Clark Atlanta University and graduated in 2016. Today, Geffri is as gorgeous as ever and often shares glam photos of herself with her more than 4,000 followers on Instagram. Though her last acting credit is listed as a 2008 episode of Everybody Hates Chris, it seems Geffri is still involved in showbiz as both a performer and model. According to her Instagram bio, the self-proclaimed “actress, flower child, and breakfast enthusiast” is somehow a part of the Blue Fever online series Nasty Habits. One thing is for sure — Geffri has grown up a lot since her days playing Maya and she’s one stunning young woman today!

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