The Carol Burnett Show was home to so many comedy legends, including Vicki Lawrence. Her incredible talent led her to tackle a number of roles in the variety series, especially the beloved character she is perhaps best known for playing — Mama. It comes as no surprise that the TV star’s impressive acting resume has led her to earn a whopping net worth. Scroll below to see how much money she makes. 

What Is Vicki Lawrence’s Net Worth? 

Vicki has an estimated net worth of $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The comedian made her first appearance on The Carol Burnett Show in 1967, starring in 269 episodes of the program in the years that followed.  

Vicki Lawrence Net Worth: How Much Money Actress Makes
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The California native credits the show’s leading lady, Carol Burnett, for helping her get her start on television. Their first interaction came after Vicki wrote Carol a letter inviting her to come to watch the Miss Fireball contest at Hollywood Park. The Emmy winner took the up-and-coming actress under her wing as a mentor, which later blossomed into a lifelong friendship. 

“​​I was a kid. I was a teenager. These people were married, they had children. They had lives. They would double date. They go on vacations together. I was the little kid wet behind the ears who was going to the Harvard School of Comedy in front of America,” Vicki reflected on the start of her career in an April 2023 interview with KCRW. “It was a lot of years before I felt like I was up here at all. Certainly, it took at least until the time Mama came along for me to feel like I had earned the right to play with the grown-ups in the sandbox.”

After The Carol Burnett Show ended in 1978, the breakout star went on to act in the spinoff Mama’s Family from 1983 to 1990. Vicki has made appearances in several other popular television series over the years, including The Love Boat, Laverne & Shirley, Great News and The Cool Kids

Does Vicki Lawrence Have Children? 

Vicki welcomed two children, Garrett and Courtney, with her husband, Al Schultz. The Call Me Kat alum and the makeup artist, who wed in 1974, initially met through Carol. 

“Carol found my husband for me,” Vicki shared during a January 2019 interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Al had just gotten into the makeup union, and Carol was sitting in her dressing room and Al walked by. She told her secretary that he was adorable and wanted him on the show. Carol has been largely responsible for most everything in my adult life.”