A man is being called a hero today after video footage of him saving 73-year-old Robert Wells from his burning house in Fresno, Calif., has gone viral on the Internet.

The video, reportedly shot by Beth Lederach on her cell phone camera, shows a house engulfed in fire with a panicked bystander yelling, "Get him out, please!" and "Get my dad!"

While others on the property ask, "Is everyone out?," the woman, who understandably becomes increasingly worried as flames continue to take over the house, informs the crowd, "No, there's a man inside!"

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a man rushes out of the burning house carrying Wells over his shoulder.

Though the man remains unidentified, Wells' family want him to know how grateful they are for his heroic rescue: "If it wasn't for him, I'm not sure my dad would've gotten out OK," Wells' daughter, Roberta Denise Francis, told TODAY.

Watch the video below.