The famed Tyra Banks is getting candid about her recent weight loss after years of struggling with her image. In a new interview, the model opened up about her 30-pound slim-down — and revealed she’s done caring what people think about how she looks.

“I used to feel like my body was not mine,” she told People in March. “I’ve been too thin or too big. And I used to feel like I was betraying people if I lost weight.”

tyra banks weight loss getty images

Tyra in 2015 (left) and in 2018 (right).

The runway star — who is nearly six feet tall — specifically shed some pounds recently after an ankle injury because the doctor told her losing weight would help her heal faster. “I lost 30 lbs.” Tyra, who now weighs 159 pounds, shared. “And she was right. Now I’m a different body type. But I don’t feel like I’m betraying people. I’ve still got a–, I’ve still got boobs!”

Before that, the Life Size actress put on weight to be “bigger” for her two-year-old son, York, whom she welcomed in January 2016 via surrogate. “When he was first born, maybe because it was through surrogacy, I wanted to be bigger for him,” she said. “I felt that was love in a way. I wanted him to feel that cush and that nurture.”

But she admitted she feels “physically good” after dropping some weight. “And having a son later in life, I want to still be able to hold him and run around and chase him and not get spasms!” she added.

And when it comes to her diet, Tyra said confessed she finds herself cheating here and there. “I’m all about moderation, but you have to indulge,” she shared. “My mom and I together are very dangerous. We love ice cream!” We think you look great no matter what, Tyra!