But modeling is in his genes! Although he'd undoubtedly be a natural at it, successful model Tyra Banks recently revealed to reporters that she doesn't actually want her son York following in her career footsteps. "I wouldn’t love for him to model, but I wouldn’t tell him, 'Don't do it,' because then he’d do it more," she said at the America's Got Talent red carpet kickoff in LA on Monday, March 12.

However, she would never discourage her baby boy from following his dreams — even if they include modeling. "I'm going to support what he wants and just hope it’s not modeling! But if it is, I'll be telling him how to smize," she told People. One thing is for sure, York's mom would make the best modeling coach if the little guy did decide to one day enter the industry.

The proud mama previously couldn't help but gush about how smart her two-year-old is, and for good reason — the toddler can already speak three languages! "He’s amazing. He speaks Norwegian, Spanish, and English!" the 44-year-old shared during a recent interview, adding that's he's "talking up a storm." Seriously impressive!

While on the AGT red carpet earlier this week, Tyra also revealed that York is already super into naming colors and counting. "My son is amazing with his colors. He has friends in his classes that are like 're-re-red' and my son is already up to silver and rose and rose gold," she continued. "And he has been counting to 20 since he was 18 months. So he’s really, really smart."

Whike York is clearly ahead of the learning curve, he also is still just a little two-year-old who likes to simply be a kid. "He’s a smart one — but he’s still crazy and damn near rolling on the floor and not listening to me most of the time!" Tyra added.

The model shares York with ex-boyfriend Erik Asla, whom she dated for five years. The two welcomed their son via surrogate back in January 2016 before shockingly calling it quits in October 2017. "The best present we worked and prayed so hard for is finally here. He's got my fingers and big eyes and his daddy Erik's mouth and chin," Tyra wrote on Instagram following York's birth. "As we thank the angel of a woman that carried our miracle baby boy for us, we pray for everyone who struggles to reach this joyous milestone. York Banks Asla, welcome to the world." Where has the time gone?!