This week on the Today Show, it was time for a few Ambush Makeovers on women visiting Rockefeller Plaza! And for both ladies who were chosen, it was a dream come true.

With the help of hairstylist Louis Licari and Today contributor Jill Martin, Ellen Oyama, 44, and Beth Leach, 47, debuted brand new looks in front of family and friends!

Ellen, from Potomac Falls, Va., had a hunch she’d be selected! “She’s been talking about getting an Ambush for quite some time,” her friend Mary revealed, telling Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford that Ellen hadn’t “done her hair in years.”

today show makeover

When she came out sporting a much shorter and healthier ‘do, Mary couldn’t help but gasp. “It’s totally different, which is what she was looking for,” she said of Ellen’s makeover.

Beth, on the other hand, came to the plaza for the sole purpose of getting that makeover. She brought along a bright pink poster from Colleyville, TX, begging to get picked!

But her husband of 20 years wasn’t convinced she needed a change. “I think she looks great already, but I know you guys do great work,” he told Jill.

today show makeover

When the mom emerged with brunette hair styled into a layered cut, her and her family couldn’t believe their eyes!

“I look like my daughter!” Beth happily exclaimed, as her eyes filled with tears.

Check out the video below to see the families’ on-camera reactions!

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