We're not saying that Titanic isn't a fantastic movie (it totally is) — but, this deleted scene would have made it even better. Buzzfeed recently unearthed the clip from the depths of YouTube and we're so glad they did. In the original film, we see Rose on the RMS Carpathia and then the movie cuts to her arrival at Ellis Island where she heartbreakingly gives her name as "Rose Dawson."

The scene already seemed perfect, but what fans didn't know was that there was a whole other chunk that was cut out of the final version. The deleted scene shows crewmen physically lifting Rose's tired body onto the boat. We also see the little girl who Rose’s former fiancé Cal rescued in order to sneak onto a lifeboat. Plus, there's Rose's horrid mother who is looking for her daughter… we almost feel bad for her. Check out the clip below.

Okay, so now we ask James Cameron: Why was this scene deleted?! Watching Rose struggle to get out of the lifeboat and seeing what happened to the other characters was the resolution we didn't even know we needed. Honestly, this adds so much more to the film and ties up some of the loose ends among the minor characters.

Fans naturally had a lot of feelings about this new scene and took to social media to express their reactions after watching. "Good morning, I just watched a deleted scene from Titanic and cried," one fan wrote. Another added, "I wish it was included in the film but it was already three hours long." Very good point… so obviously they couldn't include everything in the final version of the film or it very well might have been 10,928 hours long. Not that we wouldn't have watched that! But, it's not very practical from a production standpoint. Oh well. Now we guess we'll just have to go watch Tianic for the millionth time.