Season 6 of the hit Netflix series The Crown largely chronicles the love affair between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed that ultimately ended in their tragic deaths. But did the series take liberties when it came to the facts? Here’s what the got right and what they got wrong.

Diana’s Romantic Getaway

The iconic pictures of Diana on the Jonikal were faithfully re-created, but Italian photographer Mario Brenna calls the show’s suggestion that he was hired by Mohamed “absurd.”

Camilla’s 50th Birthday

On the show, the queen declines the invitation out of concern that it would signify her approval of the relationship, but Princess Margaret did attend. In real life, there’s no evidence she was there.

Balmoral Photo Shoot

As shots of Diana and Dodi hit front pages, Charles posed with his sons in Scotland. But unlike the show, which depicted a lone, fictional photographer taking the snaps, there were 40 members of the press present.

Displays of Grief

In real life, as on the show, Queen Elizabeth II struggled with how to publicly respond to Di’s death and was heavily criticized. However, William, then 15, did not run away to wander the Balmoral estate for hours.