The in-depth conversation with Christopher Knight (Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch) continues on our Classic TV podcast. In this, the second and final installment, he tackles a variety of subjects.

On why he shifted over to the business world: “I had too much awareness of the business of acting from my father [who was also an actor]. Literally, very consciously, I didn’t trust it. I thought, ‘Okay, look how it occurred for me. Came out of nowhere. It blossoms and just as easily as it came along, it could go.’ It wasn’t like I wasn’t capable of fooling myself, because there wasn’t a whole lot of energy placed on a need for being successful as an actor. It just happened to me, but easy come, easy go is certainly in play. I had a real good view of how much this business is based upon luck.”


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On one of his family dynamics: “I saw my dad struggle. I was working because my dad didn’t work or didn’t make enough money for a family. My dad was telling my mom when we were 2 and 3 years old — and they had no business having children — that they didn’t have enough income, so she should feed us every other day.”

On his reality show with ex-wife Adrianne Curry, My Fair Brady“We had no idea how to engage it, although I thought, at least looking back, at the time that doing My Fair Brady was an outgrowth of my view of what we were, which was, really, Pygmalion. That was it: experience this relationship, which still made no sense to me, but I was going to with it because, even without the show being around, I was in a relationship with her. Hook, line and sinker. And VH1 was ecstatic because that’s what they wanted to explore anyway. Except they then had to put their hands into it. As it would play out, it needed — and I disagreed with this — these dramatic decisions to hold the audience’s interest. Ultimately it became, ‘Get married or don’t get married,’ and if she’s not going to get married, she’s going to move out.”


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On his relationship with his Brady siblings: “Our relationship exists without it having to be entertainment, so even if the HGTV reality series is the last on-camera reunion, it’s not an end of our friendship. It’s not the end of our interpersonal realities. But it’s a kick in the plants that we’re having this opportunity because I really thought that boat had already sailed. But the Bradys live on regardless of us doing new stuff. That’s the reality. The Brady world lives in people’s minds. Peter exists independent of Chris in an interesting way, and ultimately he has an opportunity to live forever. Chris doesn’t.”

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