Desperate Housewives alum Teri Hatcher is so grateful for her daughter, Emerson Tenney! The Golden Globe winner’s only child is following in her footsteps in Hollywood.

Who Is Teri Hatcher’s Daughter, Emerson Tenney?

In 1994, Teri married actor Jon Tenney. Three years after walking down the aisle, Teri and Jon welcomed Emerson. The Hollywood duo split in 2003 and Teri remained focused on being the best mom to her daughter. 

“I’ve always made mothering the priority of my life,” she said during a 2006 appearance on The View. “Over my career, over everything.”

When Emerson was growing up, Teri and Jon worked out a schedule to successfully coparent their only child. 

“I never wanted Emerson to have parents in different households, and I’ll always feel guilty forever that she has to go back and forth,” Teri said. “But her dad and I work really hard to make it as easy as possible for her, and I genuinely think she’s OK.” 

What Is Emerson Tenney’s Job? 

In May 2020, Teri announced on Instagram that Emerson had graduated from Brown University. 

“The class of #2020 is primed to be more resilient than most, making lemonade from lemons, with an eye for what is truly important,” Teri captioned her post. “After the virtual and moving ceremony this morning, I dry my tears, blow my nose and toast to all your hard work and the great things I see in your future. Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone! I love you so much!!!”

Teri Hatcher and daughter Emerson Tenney wear white dresses on red carpet
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Emerson already has a few acting credits to her name. In 2009, she voiced a character in the animated film Coraline. Emerson also lent her voice to several characters in the 2013 film Planes. She served as an assistant production coordinator on the set of 2021’s Raised on Porn and 2022’s Buying Her

Teri is very close to her daughter and loves spending time with her mini-me whenever possible. They proved just how strong their bond was after running the TCS NYC Marathon together in 2018. 

“Something about the ups and downs of training for such a physical feat as a marathon — that sort of vulnerability, the adversity that you have to get through and pushing through walls together — and having that experience as a team; it’s just a bonding thing that you can’t really replace or have from any other experience,” Teri told People of the experience in August 2018. “And I think we both wanted that together.”