Perhaps Susan Sarandon‘s romance with her much-younger man Jonathan Bricklin ended because of his insecurities.

In a new trailer for ‘Connected’ — an reality series beginning March 31 — Jonathan, 37, tells the actress, 68, “I’ve always felt embarrassed for you that you’re dating me. You should be dating someone fabulous.”

The show centers on the lives of six New York couples as they experience ups and downs in their relationships over a six-month period.

susan sarandon and jonathan bricklin

Susan and Jonathan on ‘Connected.’

Earlier this month, Susan and Jonathan went through a breakup after dating for five years. Jonathan confessed his relationship with the ‘Thelma & Louise’ star became strained when he signed on to star in the docuseries.

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“The real truth is, the show didn’t break us up, but it made it hard and brought up a lot of stuff for us to figure out. Documenting our relationship was much more difficult than I expected it to be and Susan went way out of her comfort zone to support me. I can’t really say anymore to that effect, you’ll just have to watch and see,” he told ‘Life & Style.’

Watch the ‘Connected’ trailer below.