While Susan Sarandon anticipates the arrival of her first grandchild next month, the actress reveals her and daughter Eva Amurri Martino have already decided on a name for the 67-year-old.

She wants the youngster to call her ‘Honey’ and sported a nameplate bearing the adorable moniker during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“My hairstylist said it’s a Southern thing, and I thought, that’s kind of fabulous,” Susan previously told the New York Times. “I like that. ‘Honey, come over here.’ ‘Where’s Honey?’ That’s the plan.”

susan sarandon

But the Oscar winner admitted to Jimmy, she’s worried her granddaughter may mix the word up with one far less G-rated!

“Someone asked me today if [the necklace] says ‘Horny,'” Susan shared. “I hope my granddaughter doesn’t call me ‘Horny.'”

But the mom-of-three did confess she hopes she’s “still horny” by the time her granddaughter can speak!

During her visit, Susan also recreated her infamous Thelma & Louise selfie with the talk show host after her reunion with co-star Geena Davis went viral last month. Let’s just say Geena is much prettier than Jimmy Kimmel!


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