Congratulations to All My Children star Susan Lucci (Erica), who is a grandmother again! The legendary actress shared a beautiful photo of her brand new grandson, Wolf, on her Instagram. “Beautiful baby boy Wolf,” the actress wrote. “Even more magical than the first snowfall.”

Susan already has three grandchildren courtesy of her daughter, Liza Huber (Gwen, Passions), and her husband, Alexander George Hesterberg III: Royce, 10, Brendan, 9, and Hayden, 6. But this is the first grandchild from her son, Andreas Huber, who married his wife, Courtney Velasco, on Aug. 21, 2016.

Wolf was born on Nov. 7, but the proud mom didn’t share the first peek at her gorgeous bundle of joy until Dec. 1, when Courtney introduced Wolf Velasco Huber to the world on social media.

In addition to being a huge television star with her roles on AMC, Devious Maids, and more, Susan is a devoted mother and loves every single member of her expanding family. Congratulations to all!

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