What a day! Before she was by Prince Harry‘s side, Meghan Markle was all about acting, especially on the show Suits where she spent some time and formed some close relationships. And recently, the program’s cast revealed just how their much life was changed watching their now world-famous costar officially enter the royal family.

The cast of the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex’s former show attended an NBCUniversal TCA Winter Press Tour panel on Tuesday, January 29 in Pasadena, California in order to promote a spin-off of their USA Network series called Pearson. While there, the group was asked about the royal wedding that occurred on May 19, 2018. “The thing I’ll say about it is that we all went as a family,” creator Aaron Korsh said of the memorable day. “When we all went, there were about 10 of us or something … it was unbelievable. I think it changed our lives in certain ways forever. But if it had never happened, we were a family on Suits for 10 years.”

Suits Cast
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Some of Meghan’s costars who were in attendance at her big day included Sarah RaffertyPatrick J. AdamsGina Torres and Gabriel Macht. The former actress was on the legal drama from 2011 to 2017 and played the role of paralegal Rachel Zane. But when royal life came calling, Meghan had to depart before the show’s eighth season. In fact, Aaron doesn’t believe that 34-year-old Harry’s wife will now ever make a return to the show that introduced her to a mainstream audience.

Meghan Markle Suits
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“We’re not currently asking Meghan Markle to leave her position with the royal family and join us,” he said. “I would love it, but I think it’s pretty close to zero.” Well, that’s quite the bummer. And here’s some more news that may put a damper on the show and the cast — according to People, the Duchess once mentioned at the Coach Core Awards in 2018 that she no longer watches the series. When asked if she’d caught some of the most recent season, Meghan apparently replied with a confident “no.” Well, at least we’ll always have the reruns of Meghan on Suits!

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