Here’s further proof that Sofia Vergara does not age! She’s already known for her youthful looks and enviable figure, and the actress recently shared a throwback photo from her modeling days in the 1990s — proving she’s the definition of aging gracefully. Fans can’t get over how much she looks like her 20-year-old self today at age 45. Watch the video below to see the throwback photo for yourself!

“I’m 45. Even if you want to, at this time in your life, you can’t be perfect,” Sofia said in an interview with Women’s Health back in August. “It’s not that you hate it, or that you’re upset about it, but it is our reality. We’re changing. I see it happening to me.” We’re not so sure, Sofia!

“I want to look my age, but I want to look great. I think if you are obsessed with this ‘I want to look younger’ thing, you’re going to go crazy,” she continued. “People say, ‘Oh, you look like you’re in your twenties.’ Well, it’s not true. Our skin is different. I had never thought of the word ‘pore,’ then I’m like, ‘S–t! What do I do with these?'” Even if she doesn’t think she looks like she’s in her twenties, her old headshot is proving her wrong!

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Sofia might have gotten her start in modeling, but she’s since made a name for herself in television. The Modern Family star was named Forbes‘ highest-paid TV actress of 2017 thanks to her role as Gloria Pritchett in the ABC comedy — making it her sixth consecutive year as reigning queen of TV.

Her husband, Joe Manganiello, is also no stranger to TV and is known for his five-season role in HBO’s True Blood. The two recently celebrated their two-year anniversary in November, and appear to be more in love than ever. Talk about couple goals! Sofia also recently shut down divorce rumors, saying, “We don’t care about that,” to the Daily News in July 2017. “What can you do? It’s the entertainment business.”