What a great friend! It’s no secret Meghan Markle and Serena Williams are super close pals and, recently, the tennis star had no problem showing support for the pregnant royal with some kind words.

“She’ll be the best mom, for sure,” the 37-year-old told E! News on Wednesday, April 3. Serena, a mother herself to 1-year-old Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., also had some pretty fantastic advice for all the other new moms out there. “Accept mistakes and don’t expect to be perfect. We put so much pressure on ourselves. My friend is pregnant, and she was like, ‘My kid’s gonna do this,’ [and] I just looked at her like, ‘No, she’s not,'” Serena recalled. “She was like, ‘I need to talk to you about tips,’ because, yes, I had all of those high expectations.”

Meghan Markle Serena Williams
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The legendary athlete added: “Everything is not going to go as planned. You just got to go with the flow.” Serena shares her little girl with her husband of a little over a year, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian.

Serena and the former actress, also 37, have been BFFs for quite some time now. “We were actually just texting each other this morning,” the 23-time Grand Slam winner told The Project. “We have known each other for a long time, but we really are relying on each other a lot recently.” Serena was even invited to the Suits alum’s royal wedding to Prince Harry last May.

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“I felt like we were literally watching history,” Venus Williams’ little sister said at the time. “I feel like in a few years, when I look back at that moment, it’s just gonna be so historic. It’s gonna be something people never forget. The whole service was really wonderful and most of all, I just wanted to see my friend be happy and I think that’s what happened.”

In fact, the pair seem to be so much on the same wavelength that the Serena was at the Duchess of Sussex’s very luxurious and controversial baby shower in New York City — a baby bash that the tennis pro is said to have foot the bill for. How much was that bill? Reportedly close to $200,000. What a friendship!