It seems fans should gear up to say goodbye to Megyn Kelly pretty soon. The 47-year-old currently hosts Megyn Kelly Today, but when she was on vacation recently, fellow Today co-host Savannah Guthrie filled in for her 9 a.m. slot. And now, Life & Style has reported that NBC is looking to replace Megyn with Savannah for good.

“It’s a no-brainer for the network. Everyone loves Savannah — the audience, the staff,” an insider shared (it also doesn’t help that Megyn’s show has battled bad ratings since it aired in September). “Savannah is a staff favorite. She’s a classic people person, and the Today cast, crew, and producers love working with her.”

megyn kelly and savannah guthrie
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The source continued, “Megyn sees the writing on the wall. Having Savannah substitute for Megyn was a test. And Megyn knows it.” 

However, there’s one person who doesn’t like working with Savannah apparently — and you guessed it, it’s Megyn. “The relationship between Megyn and Savannah isn’t just frosty, it’s ice-cold,” the source shared. “Megyn has always treated Savannah like she was part of the B team. Now their off-camera interaction is limited to a cursory nod of the head or a curt ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye.'”

That said, fortunately for viewers, Savannah is ready to take on the gig. “She’s champing at the bit to take over for Megyn,” a source told the news outlet. “She’s ready to step into Megyn’s shoes and run off with the job.”

But the hard part will be getting Megyn to accept this big change. The source suggested, “Megyn will only go one way — kicking and screaming. And she’ll no doubt have her lawyers get her one of the biggest payoffs in TV news history.” This sounds intense, but to be honest, we’re here for the drama!

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