She may be an award-winning journalist and news anchor, but Megyn Kelly just proved that she doesn’t exactly know how to cook. The Today show host recently took to Twitter to share a photo with her followers that documented her major cooking fail involving bacon. “Okay, @siriouslydelish, we need to talk. #baconfail,” she wrote alongside the photo. Check it out below!

Just a day after Siri Daly, a Today food contributor and Carson Daly‘s wife, made an appearance on Megyn Kelly Today, Megyn wrote to her on the social media platform to discuss her failed attempt at cooking bacon, perhaps as part of one of Siri’s recipes. On Today, the cookbook author taught the TV personality how to make her hash brown egg cups from her new cookbook Siriously Delicious, and it looks like Megyn attempted to make her own breakfast the next day.

It’s no secret that the 47-year-old former Fox News anchor struggles with cooking. Back in September 2017, on just the second episode of her morning talk show, her husband of 10 years Doug Brunt made an appearance on the third hour of the Today show and admitted it on national television. “She’s not a great cook,” he said. “But she is a great project coordinator. She can manage it, she gets the kids in, and in the end, everyone has fun and the food is edible — usually.”

Megyn’s transition to morning news hasn’t been an easy one — and not just because of her awkward cooking segments. Since she joined the NBC team, the past few months have been nothing short of dramatic. In fact, she’s even being blamed for the show’s low ratings. “Megyn is downright antisocial, standoffish, and arrogant,” an NBC insider told In Touch. Her whole team, from producers on down to assistants, have established a reign of terror from day one. They’ve turned the workplace into a Today show hell.”

Another insider further revealed more details. “Megyn hasn’t been able to book any big-name stars that haven’t been on Today during the first two hours. Hollywood hasn’t exactly put the welcome mat out for her. Megyn has left a lot of people cold,” the source shared.

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