Is Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly canceled? That’s what many viewers were asking themselves after NBC News revealed on Tuesday, March 6 that Megyn Kelly‘s weekend show will be coming back for a spring and summer run.

But, there’s a catch. The network says it will only air “periodically” until football season in the fall depending on Megyn’s schedule. But since everyone knows her schedule is pretty much set since she hosts Megyn Kelly Today from 9 a.m. until 10 a.m. EST every weekday, they’re convinced the Sunday show is on its way out.

One source told Page Six that this statement gives NBC the chance to scale back the show without having to awkwardly cancel it.

The talk show — which was supposed to air 10 episodes last season but only made it to eight — will kick off with Megyn interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin. This will be her second interview with the politician, as he appeared on the series last summer as well.

This was Megyn’s first gig with NBC before she kicked off Megyn Kelly Today in September, and the show received bad ratings after her interview with Sandy Hook massacre denier Alex Jones. To make matters worse, the weekday show got off to a tumultuous start last fall as well after Megyn’s controversial interviews with stars like Debra Messing and Jane Fonda.

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And things haven’t been looking good for the TV personality since. As previously reported, celebrities are second guessing appearing on her show after she put Jane on blast on live TV. “Megyn was already having trouble booking celebrities. Who’s going to want to go on her show now knowing she may trash them afterward?” a source told In Touch, adding that “the end can’t be far off” for Megyn.

We’re sure Megyn is worried about her bad ratings, and she’s not the only one. Life & Style previously reported that NBC execs are worried as well. “Megyn just doesn’t come across to the viewers as authentic,” a source told the publication. Hopefully, everything ends up working out for Megyn and Today

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