It’s official: repeating outfits is now totally cool because the ultimate fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker did it! SJP stepped out at two different NYC events in the last two weeks wearing the same mid-length leopard print dress, and guess what? She looked absolutely stunning at both of them!

sarah jessica parker, getty/splash
Getty Images, Splash

Of course, Sarah Jessica being Sarah Jessica, she still had to add a new spin on the look each time she wore it. When she arrived at the 4th Annual Produced By: New York 2017 Conference and Educational Forum on Oct. 28, she kept it simple with blush satin pumps and hardly any accessories but a couple of rings and delicate earrings.

However, she was decked out at the At Home With Amy Sedaris New York Screening at The Bowery Hotel on Oct. 19. This time she added a little kick with bright yellow pumps, an over-the-shoulder chain clutch, stacked heart-shaped gold necklaces, and darker eye makeup.

It’s definitely a rare occurrence that SJP would wear the same dress twice, especially only nine days apart, but we definitely don’t mind. Sarah Jessica played Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, and her character was all about being a stylish modern woman. In the past celebrities would only wear a look one time, but that was easy because they only went to a couple of events a month. SJP is a busy woman, constantly hustling from one glitzy event to the next, and it would be impossible to buy enough outfits to wear something different every single day. Instead, she’s choosing smart basics that can be dressed up or down to fit her mood, and we love that! Keep doing you, Sarah Jessica!