Sandra Bullock has starred in dozens of movies, so she’s used to the standard film screenings and premieres required to promote a new film.

And most of the time, the actress acknowledges, “you have seen so much of [the film] by the time you [view it],” that an audience’s reaction doesn’t necessarily mirror the actor’s.

But for her newest drama “Gravity,” for which Bullock is nominated for an Academy Award, she and co-star George Clooney had no idea what to expect to see up on that screen.

“[We] saw nothing,” shared the actress at the Oscar nominee luncheon on Feb. 10. “We saw a black box with wires and camera equipment.”

Though the 49-year-old knew how emotional the story was on paper, “we just didn’t know what it was going to look like,” she said.

The first time that Bullock and Clooney saw the finished work was in Venice during the Venice Film Festival, “with the music, with all the wires removed, with all the ambiences, all the subtleties, all the layering,” that comes in post-production.

“You see the movie for the third time and you see something in the background that you didn’t see [before],” Bullock said about the film. “[Director Alfonso Cuarón] meant for the experience to be exactly that, an emotional and a very visceral experience for the moviegoer.”

Working with Cuarón was one of “the best filming experiences” the actress has ever had, she said.

“[The crew] all had a tremendous amount riding on them because of the new technology and the unknown waters,” shared “The Heat” star.

“They didn’t know if I could do what they needed, I didn’t know if they could give me what I needed. It should have been a very stressful situation but every single day was so supportive.”

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Bullock with Alfonso Cuarón