It’s a great time for Betty White. The Golden Girls star turned 98 years old on Friday, January 17, and received the best birthday shout-out from her Proposal costars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

The pair sang her “Happy Birthday” in a sweet video Ryan, 43, shared to Instagram. However, the best part was when the Deadpool actor stopped in the middle of the song to note just how much he loves Betty more than Sandra, 55.

“What does Sandy do for you every year?” the comedian joked. “I mean, does she like show up and hand-deliver flowers to you while wearing nothing but black socks and a dozen gold bracelets just like you requested? Doubt it.”

However, while Ryan was too busy boasting about his friendship with Betty, the Bird Box star finished her song to the actress and said, “From Sandy, who loves you more than Ryan. Happy Birthday.” So funny!

So what exactly is Betty doing for her 98th birthday? An insider recently told Closer Weekly she plans on having a small get-together with her family and friends. “She still likes to drink, laugh and tell stories,” the source said. “It will be at her home with her longtime friends and stepchildren. She’s still close with them and their children. They’ll order food in and have fun.”

Plus, Betty has a lot to be thankful for. She still has a fabulous career, good friends and is in good health. “She doesn’t have any major health problems,” the insider confided. “She says she’s a little ‘creaky.’ Walking is a bit of an issue and she uses a walker at home, but she’s OK. And she’s still quick with a one-liner.”

The Proposal - 2009

Don’t expect Betty to fully give up her amazing life in Hollywood either. “Everyone wants her to retire to [her vacation property in Carmel, California], but Hollywood is in her blood,” the source said. “She likes to be close to the action, even at her age.”

Keep on living your best life, Betty. Happy Birthday!