Turns out, gambling isn’t just reserved for casinos and sporting events anymore — nowadays, people will bet on just about anything, including the royal baby name! In fact, some very lucky folks have walked away with lots of money after Kate Middleton and Prince William announced Louis Arthur Charles as the name of their third child on Friday, April 27.

According to the Metro, Arthur, James, and Philip were the top contenders for royal baby monikers throughout Kate’s pregnancy. As time inched closer to the Duchess of Cambridge’s due date, however, Alexander and Albert quickly became favorites. So much so, that during the final hour before the official name announcement, a flood of bets were placed on Alexander.

Basically, at no point did anyone think Louis was a viable option — which is why the winnings for people who bet on the name Louis ended up being so great! “At 6 a.m. this morning (April 27), the name Louis was at 120/1, so a £10 ($13.79) bet at that time would have netted you £1200 ($1654.67),” explained Betfair spokesperson Katie Baylis.

“The biggest winning bet on the name Louis was a win by a punter who put £200 ($275.71) on yesterday (April 26) when the odds were at 16/1,” Baylis continued. Those are some serious winnings! It remains to be seen as to why Louis was such a dark-horse bet — especially since many other royals have shared that name.

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