So brave. Rod Stewart experienced a secret prostate cancer scare back in 2016, but the singer didn’t want to worry anyone so he kept it to himself and close family and friends. Rod, 73, is already a cancer survivor after battling thyroid cancer back in 2000, but thankfully this time it turned out to be just a scare, according to the Sun on Sunday.

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“Rod had been feeling a bit lethargic but didn’t think there was anything too wrong. But his prostate was found to be enlarged which came as a huge shock. Luckily the prognosis was excellent and didn’t require surgery,” a friend of Rod’s recently revealed to the Sun on Sunday.

Back in 2016, doctors found a lump on the “Maggie May” singer’s prostate during a routine medical screening. But instead of cancer, Rod was diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia — which is a prostate gland enlargement that is common in men as they age — and even though doctors discussed a possible operation with Rod, he ultimately did not need to undergo surgery. Instead, he will need to have regular check-ups to keep up on the progress of his condition.

“Rod told those closest to him he had prostate problems but, at the time, didn’t want to make a big fuss. But this scare’s made him even more mindful of his health and now he’s fitter than ever. He feels very lucky,” the friend added.

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Thankfully, Rod did not have prostate cancer but he hopes that his experience will encourage other men over 50 to get tested.

Rod previously battled thyroid cancer in 2000, and the singer underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his throat. The singer was worried that he would never be able to sing again, but thankfully he was able to regain his legendary voice.

“I was frightened, really scared, and all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind,” Rod said in an interview with CNN. “But I had some singing coaches give me some advice but in the end, it was getting the band together in the garage and just singing every day.”