It seems Elton John may now have a bone to pick with fellow music icon Rod Stewart. Rod visited What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Wednesday, March 21, and seemingly dissed his longtime friend Elton’s retirement.

Rod calls Elton Sharon and Elton calls Rod Phyllis, so Rod joked, “I did email her and said, ‘What, again dear?’ And I didn’t hear anything back.”

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But just because they’re friends (and rivals, too) doesn’t mean Rod will handle his retirement in the same fashion. “Talking about retirement, I’ve never spoken about retirement, and if I do retire, I won’t make an announcement,” he insisted. “I’ll just fade away. I don’t think this big deal, ‘I’m going to retire.’ It stinks of selling tickets… it’s dishonest. It’s not rock and roll.” Ouch…

Rod also commented on the recent incident where Elton stormed off stage after a fan angered him by touching his piano and trying to take pictures. “I sort of understand,” he said, even though he did agree the fan was annoying. “I don’t mind it. I love people coming up on stage. It’s a laugh.”

Elton previously announced his retirement to spend more time with his kids in January by sharing that his Farewell Tour will kick off in September. “It’s a way of saying thank you,” he said. “I don’t want to go out with a whimper. I want to go out with a bang.” In fact, he’s really excited for what will be the “most produced” and “best production” he’s ever done. “Well there’s 300 shows, so it will be about three years, and I do 100 shows a year anyway, usually, when I’m working. I’m really looking forward it, I’m looking forward to starting it because it’s going to be such a great production and I’m looking forward to finishing it so I can spend time with my boys,” he said of Zachary, 7, and Elijah, 5.

And his husband, David Furnish, has mixed emotions on the whole thing. “Really emotional, and bittersweet. I think it’s drawing a curtain over something that’s been extraordinary, but also wonderful to have him home with the family more,” he said. We’re sad to see you go, Elton!