Is there anyone in Hollywood more lovable than Reba McEntire? Seriously, not only did she play one of TV’s best moms on Reba from 2001-2017, but she also has the voice of a country angel. As it turns out, her skillset hasn’t only made her world famous, but incredibly rich to boot! As it stands in 2018, Reba McEntire’s net worth is well into the millions.

According to TheRichest, the mother-of-six has an estimated net worth of $95 million. In 2015 alone, Reba grossed $193,000 in record sales from her 27th studio album Love Somebody. While that is no doubt an impressive figure, back in 2010, she made $347,000 in record sales from her album All the Women I Am. Her most lucrative record sales to date are from her 1993 Greatest Hits: Volume Two album — bringing in a staggering $5,200,000.

As of late, the 63-year-old continues to be a staple in the country music community, as well as on the small screen. Earlier this month, she hosted the Academy of Country Music Awards for the 15th time! Even bigger than that, Reba was made the first female to take over the role of KFC’s Colonel Sanders — joining the ranks of Ray Liotta, Rob Riggle, and Darrell Hammond.

In short, there’s nothing Reba McEntire can’t do — and her bank account is most definitely proof of that. Now, if she’d only just get that Reba reboot up and running, that would be amazing!