With Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle on the brink of needing a royal intervention, Queen Elizabeth is doing her best not to add any fuel to their jealousy-fueled fire. As it happens, the longtime monarch is at the center of their battle over the spotlight. 

Both Meghan and Kate are desperate to land the coveted role as Queen Elizabeth’s favorite great-grandaughter-in-law, but the queen is all about staying neutral. According to In Touch, the 92-year-old “tries not to play favorites” when it comes to the Duchess of Cambridge and the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex.

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For starters, she gives them each quality one-on-one time. While heading to mass at Balmoral on Aug. 26, she sat in the back of her chauffeured car with Kate. On June 14, Meghan traveled with the monarch via train for a day of engagements in Cheshire, England. The two women “chatted about all kinds of things, from how Meghan is adapting to royal life to her charity plans,” a source told In Touch

Additionally, Elizabeth has gifted both women houses. After Prince William‘s and Kate’s 2011 royal wedding, she gave the couple Anmer Hall, a 10-bedroom Georgian manor at Sandringham, her retreat in Norfolk. After Meghan and Prince Harry‘s nuptials, the pair received the residence of Harry’s great-great-grandfather George V: York Cottage, a statement mansion also on the grounds of Sandringham. 

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Last, but certainly not least, the Queen lends both royal ladies her jewels! The Cartier Halo Scroll tiara Kate borrowed from the queen for her weddings boasts close to 1,000 diamonds. Elizabeth received the tiara as a gift on her 18th birthday. As for Meghan, the 37-year-old wore a Filigree tiara, an antique diamond stunner the queen inherited from her grandmother, Queen Mary. 

With extravagant gifts like that, who needs the validation of being Queen Elizabeth’s favorite? Here’s hoping that Meghan and Kate are able to put their feud behind them and enjoy the perks of royal life once and for all.

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