Princess Charles and Princess Diana were married way back in 1981. And while both obviously went on and had very, very different futures, for one day they reeled in, according to Pop Sugar, 750 million people to watch just how happy they were to be getting married. And with all the facts you may know about Charles and Diana’s wedding, there is something that the couple did that hadn’t been done before during a British royal wedding.

Once Charles and Diana got married at Westminster Abbey, the pair and the royal family headed on over to Buckingham Palace to pose for wedding portraits and to say hello to the massive crowd that was there to remind themselves just how much they wish they were part of a royal family instead of the painfully average family they were a part of. Charles and Diana then headed to the balcony to wave to the peasants below, and Charles also went ahead and gave Diana a kiss on the hand. But once the crowd started chanting, “Give her a kiss!,” Charles went ahead and kissed Diana.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Getty Images

And believe it or not that was the first time that royal newlyweds have ever kissed for all to see. Queen Victoria was actually the first royal to address the British public, but no one wanted to kiss her. Well, at least not in public. Diana was a game-changer as she also became the first royal bride to take out the word “obey” from her vows. Yas queen. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle would also not say “obey” during their vows to Prince William and Prince Harry.

And now thanks to Diana and Charles, it is now completely acceptable for royal couples to suck face in front of all to see. And it is still completely acceptable of us to continue to focus on everything royal as a distraction from our own very un-royal life.

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