Duke of Cambridge Prince William got very emotional when he remembered those who died in the recent mosques terror attacks in New Zealand. An “unspeakable hate had unfolded in New Zealand — a country of peace,” he said in his speech about the 40 worshippers who died at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch. “I stand with you in firm belief that the forces of love will always prevail over the forces of hate.”

William, 36, explained that terrorists only want people to have “fear and distrust” in their hearts so it’s very important for everyone to band together and love one another. “In a moment of acute pain, you stood up and you stood together. And in reaction to tragedy, you achieved something remarkable,” he said about how the public handled their losses.

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By giving his speech in the same country where the attacks happened, local citizens felt more closer to the prince than ever, especially since he knew how it feels to lose someone very close to him — his mom, Princess Diana.

“I have had reasons myself to reflect on grief and sudden pain and loss in my own life,” he shared. “And in my role, I have often seen up close the sorrow of others in moments of tragedy, as I have today. What I have realized is that of course grief can change your outlook. You don’t ever forget the shock, the sadness and the pain. But I do not believe that grief changes who you are.”

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“Grief – if you let it – will reveal who you are. It can reveal depths that you did not know you had,” he continued. “The startling weight of grief can burst any bubble of complacency in how you live your life, and help you to live up to the values you espouse.” At age 15, William lost his mom when she died from a tragic car accident. He still misses her today.