A move to another country comes with all sorts of adjustments, and in Meghan Markle‘s case, that includes learning to drive all over again. Since the California-born actress previously learned the skill in America, she only knows how to drive on the right side of the road. But now that she resides in England, she has to learn again, but this time on the opposite left side. Luckily, she has the best instructor — Prince Harry is teaching his bride-to-be!

Perhaps even more tricky, Meghan is also learning on a manual car instead of the usual automatic she’s used to driving in the US and Canada. According to an insider, the 36-year-old has been spotted inside the Kensington Palace grounds practicing her new driving techniques, and she is “keen to drive herself around in the future,” the Daily Mail reported.

prince harry meghan markle driving getty

According to the source, Meghan will also be required to go through a general program of security training since she’s becoming a member of the royal family, during which she’ll be taught “evasive driving techniques.” While the former actress has already undergone royal protocol training, this topic is especially important in order to ensure the former actress’ safety.

Meghan has reportedly participated in a “mock kidnap” two-day course, during which soldiers taught her how to react to a variety of emergency situations members of the royal family could possibly be subjected to in real life, including being taken as a hostage. They even used live ammunition to help train her!

While learning the ins and outs of the royal family and royal protocol is probably daunting to say the least, Meghan has mastered it all — and at record speed! “Meghan has been regularly making private visits to organizations as she gets to know the UK charity sector,” a palace source recently revealed. “She’s on a very busy schedule behind the scenes. She has her wedding preparation and is meeting a number of people all the time — from Harry’s charities, staff at the household, and the Royal Foundation,” the source continued. Lorraine Heggessey, CEO of the Royal Foundation, added, “She wants to make a difference, and she will make a difference.” We don’t doubt it!

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