They’re the real deal! Closer Weekly spoke exclusively with body language expert Patti Wood, who is also an Allergan partner on the Eyepowerment Campaign — and she (like the rest of us) can’t get over how adorable newly-engaged couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are. However, it definitely sounds like they are trying to shield their relationship from the public as much as possible after looking at their photos from the 2017 Invictus Games.

“You see how his hands are clasped? I think that’s more to do, not with her but with the cameras on them in their intimate relationship. So the block is not about her, it’s that, ‘Hey. I’m in this relationship and you’re taking pictures of our intimacy.’ So the block is not towards her,” Patti explained. “I like that they both have smiles on their faces. They’re both showing their upper teeth and smiling which shows a more joyous, real smile. I think she’s doing the guard with her right hand and her left hand over her mouth to guard the public against their intimacy to show that they have this intimacy they want to keep private between the two of them — so again, the blocking is not about their relationship, it’s about blocking out the public from the intimacy of their relationship.”

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(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Patti believed this was also made clear when the couple was photographed holding hands while leaving the venue. “She’s got her purse on that outer arm. Some women carry their purse inside the couple to protect the purse and in her case, she’s using the purse as a barrier to block the public from their relationship so that they can be as close as possible,” she explained.

As for Prince Harry? Well, based on these photos, he can’t get enough of his lady. “I love that he’s doing with his left hand and arm, he’s doing symbolic reaching. He wants to touch her even more than just a hand-hold.”

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