One star's romantic life we seriously cannot look away from is Jennifer Aniston's — especially after she found love again with Justin Theroux after her highly-publicized split from Brad Pitt! Closer Weekly spoke with body language expert Patti Wood, who is also an Allergan partner on the Eyepowerment Campaign — and she exclusively revealed what she thinks is going on in her relationship with her current husband.

The Leftovers star shared this adorable photo of the couple on Instagram earlier this week to mark their two-year wedding anniversary, where Patti sees "a little bit of playfulness, but also tenderness and a little bit of, 'He's mine! Look how cute he is!'" She also adds that Jennifer "really likes him" and that "the way that she's leaning forward shows that she's making the effort go towards [him], she's making the effort to show the affection. And then, you have the glance up to the camera that also indicates a little bit more of that 'He's mine!' and 'Isn't he cute?'"

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And that's not all — Patti believes they have a "strong sexual connection" based on the way they pose on the red carpet together. "If you look at his hip and how his left hip towards her is jetted into her, which shows 'yes, we're sexually connected.' He also has that nice hand around her back, in addition, to emphasize that they have a good sexual relationship and a nice closeness — and this photo, along with the other photo of her shows that again, she's making a lot of the effort," the expert reveals.

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"She has a majority of her body windows towards him, so, that says she's completely open and connected towards him, she wants him to know that he's everything to her and that she feels comfortable being vulnerable with him," Patti continues, adding the strong sexual connection is "mutual." However, based on the Friends alum's body language, Patti says it appears as though Jen wants to send out the message that "I'm in love with this man — but I'm still me!"

Jen and Justin tied the knot at their home back in August 2015. It's clear they always have and always will have a lot of love for each other!