You can argue that Meghan Markle is lucky to have Prince Harry (I mean, he’s a Prince afer all), but so it turns out, he’s very lucky to have her too. According to royal photographer Tim Rooke, the former actress really calms Harry down during their many public outings together.

“When I photograph him, he’s always great with the crowd, great with kids. I suppose it takes a bit of pressure off him to have someone else there with him,” he told Entertainament Tonight of the duo in a new interview. “He’s always very cheery… I mean, she’s gorgeous, isn’t she? And I’d be happier if I was getting married, as well!”

Since the couple announced their engagement, Rooke has had the pleasure of photographing them on many occassions, and noted that he thinks Meghan is adapting to royal life quite well. “I think she’s done very well,” he shared. “It must be very strange to go from being an actress to becoming a member of the royal family. I’m sure people still want to meet her as an actress, but as a member of the royal family, she has to do things in a certain way.”

“She’s now surrounded by security, so it must be very different,” he added. “It must be quite difficult for her, but she seems to have acquitted herself very well so far. And it’s great for us, because it’s [a new person] of interest to photograph.”

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One thing Rooke also notices is how affectionate the couple is to one another when they’re out. “They’re always holding hands and looking at each other. She does look at Harry quite lovingly,” he said of their PDA. “They just look quite good as a couple together.” We can’t wait to see all the adorable photos of them on their wedding day!

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