They were meant to be! According to a new book titled Prince Harry: The Inside Story, Prince Harry decided he was ready to settle down and tie the knot just before he met his now-fiancée Meghan Markle. “He desperately wanted to get married and be happy. He sees his brother [Prince William] has found that. The fact that Meghan arrived when she did completes it for Harry,” author Duncan Larcombe wrote in the royal biography.

“All of his best friends have settled and had children, so he’s had fewer people to go out and play with. He realized he was getting a bit older and that it was time to settle down a little bit. He’s found a great match in [Meghan],” a palace source similarly told People in a new interview.

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The insider also predicted that Meghan will continue to help modernize the British monarchy after she officially joins the royal family on Saturday, May 19. “Meghan is going to be a force. She will help [Harry] really define his role and relate to the public in a way that he wouldn’t have been able to do before. It was worth the wait,” the source said.

In the years following his mother Princess Diana‘s tragic death, Harry publicly struggled to manage his grief. But today, the 33-year-old prince is holding his head high thanks to Meghan, 36. “[He] is able to talk about how troubled he was and how he sought counseling — in no small way, I imagine that’s Meghan’s influence on him. His antics over the years mean that everyone can identify with him. He is a reluctant royal because he is a prince of the people. The public feel a connection with Harry for all those reasons that they probably don’t feel for any other member of the royal family,” author Larcombe penned in his book. We’re so thrilled Harry and Meghan found each other and can’t wait for their wedding!

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