While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry managed to find each other despite coming from completely different worlds, their families may have a wee bit of trouble finding common ground. Just look at their future fathers-in-law — retired Hollywood lighting director Thomas Markle, 73, and Prince Charles, 69, heir to the British throne.

Not long after Meghan, 36, revealed that her fiancé, 33, “hasn’t been able to meet” her dad yet, a reporter caught up with him in Mexico while he was picking up beer and cigarettes at a local shop. So, as the proud papas prepare to rub elbows at their kids’ May 2018 wedding at Windsor Castle, In Touch couldn’t help but compare Tom’s day-to-day life to that of the future king. Scroll down to see!

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Official Residence

Charles currently lives in one of the royal family’s London abodes, Clarence House, with his wife, Duchess Camilla. He also sometimes stays at his 18th-century country home, Highgrove House (which is located in Gloucestershire, England), and his 53,000-acre Scottish property, Birkhall Estate. According to In Touch, Thomas lives in a “ramshackle oceanfront home in Rosarito, Mexico.”

Career Highlights

Not surprisingly, Charles’ biggest career highlight to date is being crowned the Prince of Wales by his mother, British monarch Queen Elizabeth, in 1969. Thomas, on the other hand, is super proud of winning a 2011 Daytime Emmy for General Hospital. Thomas even got his actress daughter, Meghan, a gig on General Hospital back in 2002 — so cool!


Biggest Scandal

Everyone in the world knows that Charles’ big scandal was his 1996 divorce from his then-wife, Princess Diana. He later made major headlines again in 2005 when he tied the knot with Camilla, who was an old flame and his mistress during his ill-fated marriage to Diana. Thomas’ biggest skeleton in the closet is that he, unfortunately, filed for bankruptcy in 2016.


Because Charles is a wealthy royal, he (probably) has a dresser help him put on his clothes every morning, according to In Touch. Meanwhile, Thomas has been photographed picking up his laundry from a local wash-and-fold — nothing wrong with that!


Charles enjoys playing polo and attending public events as a member of the royal family. Thomas’ hobbies include photography and living a more secluded life. The two men may be very different, but we’re sure they’ll get along swimmingly when they finally do meet in-person!

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