Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engaged? That’s what the buzz is, according to several British newspapers. Several reports revealed that an emergency meeting was held on Friday, Nov. 24 at Buckingham Palace and royal sources revealed that the meeting may have been in reference to putting together a royal announcement for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding!

“They are set to release a statement from Kensington Palace later on, but if it is not released today it will be on Monday,” an insider revealed to Daily Star Online. “I think the announcement will be about Harry and Meghan’s engagement, but we will have to wait and see.”

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Buckingham Palace staff had attended a meeting a meeting earlier in the morning regarding Queen Elizabeth’s desire to spend more time at Windsor Castle, but they were called into another big meeting later that afternoon — which is unusual. “We have never had two big meetings in one day,” the source continued.

Even though the subject of the second meeting is being kept as top-secret, many royal insiders believe that the second meeting was to brief the staff on the royal engagement — which has already reportedly taken place — and they were given specific details about Harry and Meghan’s upcoming nuptials, like the fact that the couple is planning to have a non-traditional wedding.

“They are engaged but they are trying to sort a few things out now, like house hunting for a retreat and other things,” a source revealed to the Daily Mail. “It will be up to them to decide when to announce it as they want to do it their own way, which Her Majesty agrees with.”

So exciting! The news comes after weeks of hints that point towards Harry and Meghan’s engagement. Rumors are swirling that the American actress is planning to exit her hit USA legal drama series Suits after the current Season 7, according to E! News, and rumors that she is house-hunting and moving to London to be with Harry seemed to be confirmed when movers were spotted at her apartment in Toronto.

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