Though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem happier than ever, welcoming a royal baby into their family next spring will inevitably be the “biggest test” of their marriage so far, relationship expert Jazz Bjelica just revealed to the UK’s Express. “Becoming parents for the first time is the biggest test a marriage faces due to all changes couple has to go through when the baby arrives,” Bjelica told the British newspaper.

Clarissa Bloom, a dating and relationship expert, similarly told the outlet, “It shows how mature a couple is and how Meghan and Harry will handle it. A baby can form a number of challenges and changes, both exciting and daunting in equal measure, therefore the structure and support within a relationship is critical.”

Harry Meghan baby test relationship
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“Childbirth is beyond tiring, which can lead to some tension. Meghan and Harry might not have faced any major relationship issue and argument considering how young their marriage is, therefore they will have to see how they handle the late nights and lack of sleep,” Bloom continued.

Bloom also cautioned that Harry, 34, and his 37-year-old wife’s intimate time together could suffer when they have a newborn. “The sex life [of new parents] takes an inevitable nosedive in most cases,” she explained. “This doesn’t have to be true, however especially straight after birth, this will most likely be the case. Both Meghan and Harry need to be patient and wait till they are both ready, but communication is critical.”

Harry Meghan baby test relationship
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Thankfully, Harry and Meghan are royals and have the benefit of having a nanny and other royal staffers to help them with their new bundle of joy. “They are highly fortunate to be in a position where there is a large amount of support available, both with staff availability, financially, and a lack of stressful obstacles,” Bloom said. “With this in mind, the relationship won’t change for Prince Harry and Meghan the way it might for others, however, it will certainly evolve.” We can’t wait to meet Harry and Meghan’s first baby in 2019!

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