If you’re spending time with your family during this holiday season, perhaps you’re also wishing you wouldn’t have to stay under the same roof as them.

While Kensington Palace has confirmed that Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, and Kate Middleton will all be spending Christmas together at Sandringham, that doesn’t exactly mean they will all be sleeping in the same house, as the Daily Mail is revealing that William and Kate will be off elsewhere, at a much, much more comfortable residence. A source has told the outlet that Meghan and Harry will stay at Sandringham House, “packed in like sardines” as 30 or more of Queen Elizabeth‘s guests will also be at the house this Christmas.

 Sandringham Estate
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As for William and Kate, well they will be better off at the extensively refurbished, Anmer Hall, which holds ten-bedrooms. And that we assume will be plenty for them Some guests expected to be under the same roof with Meghan and Harry include the Queen’s grandchildren, her nephew, her nephew’s wife, their children, as well as his sister, and her husband. Lost yet? And that’s on top of the servants already expected to be there too.

According to the outlet, the source says, “Everybody is on parade when they go to Sandringham. This is not a family sitting around having a jolly time relaxing. They are all eyeing each other up and seeing who is up and who is down the pecking order. It’s full of tension.” Well that sounds like everyone’s holiday. At some point William and Kate will apparently meet up with Meghan and Harry where, we assume, awkward glances will be exchanged.

Kate, William, Meghan, Harry
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And perhaps it is best that the foursome do not stay in the same house, especially with reports that there has been plenty of tension to go around. Kate and Meghan apparently don’t see eye-to-eye, and William isn’t Harry’s biggest fan. Let’s just hope that someone brings some spiked apple cider to the gathering so everyone can chill out. We’re counting on Prince Charles to bring it.

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