Marilyn Monroe was “taken advantage of” by powerful men during the final weekend of her life, a brand-new episode of “The Killing Of Marilyn Monroe” podcast reveals.

The seventh installment of the series about the late actress’s tumultuous life and career, featured above, revealed the horrifying situation Marilyn found herself in on July 28 and 29, 1962 — just one week shy of her sudden death.

The podcast’s narrator alleged that Marilyn’s exFrank Sinatra, set up the starlet by inviting her to his Cal Neva Lodge resort in Lake Tahoe, California to “discuss a movie project.” However, Sinatra’s real intentions were driven by mob boss Sam Giancana, who ordered the singer to invite the Kennedys in an effort to catch Marilyn in the act of having an affair with President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Bobby Kennedy.

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Marilyn was unaware the room was “wired” with cameras and a party was thrown that placed her in grave danger, the podcast claimed.

“Marilyn was in a mess and she was drinking a lot and taking a lot of pills,” Charles Casillo, an entertainment journalist, claimed on the episode.

“Marilyn Monroe was afraid for her life. It was a situation where it got out of hand,” author Fabulous Gabriel added. “Marilyn Monroe was taken advantage of. She was drugged. They had a wild party up there.”