Fans are over the moon about TLC reviving Trading Spaces — as is the series’ host, Paige Davis! During an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly, Paige gushed about working with her old co-stars on the reboot. “It was really amazing. It was as if we’d never stopped. All the original legacy designers are back and we have a couple of new faces too,” she explained while working with Purina on their Better with Pets @Home editor showcase in NYC in mid-April.

“We all just kept looking at each other and asking, ‘Has it been 10 years or has it been 10 weeks?’ It just didn’t feel like we even skipped a beat. It was very much this feeling of the band being back together and we’re back on tour,” she continued.

And that’s not all — it turns out that the Trading Spaces stars are also super close off-screen, too! “We actually hang out together. We love each other. We’re very much like brothers and sisters,” Paige continued. “We fight that hard, we love that hard. There’s really nothing they don’t know about me. They’re my biggest champions and critics in the best possible way. We just lift each other so much and I think that level of camaraderie and chemistry is sensed through the scene. I think people can tell.”

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The Chicago star also added that she remained particularly close with her co-star Douglas Wilson during the show’s eight-year hiatus. “He also lives here in NYC. We were able to see each other more often and stay in touch — plus we were always close on the show,” Paige shared. “Genevieve [Gorder] lives here in NYC, but she’s never here. She’s always traveling and doing so many things.”

Trading Spaces airs on Saturday nights at 9 p.m. EST on TLC. For more exclusive content, sign up for our Closer Weekly newsletter!