What a style inspiration! Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi attended the 2018 Emmys on Monday, Sept. 17 in a recycled outfit, and we’re so impressed with her choice to re-wear the stunning fashion statement. 

For the special event, the 48-year-old TV personality donned a red plunging neck J. Mendel gown. The best part of the look? She just wore it to the Vogue India Women of the Year Awards in Mumbai last October.

“I’m excited to wear this beautiful J. Mendel dress again,” Padma told People. “I think in this day and age we should stop sending the message to young women and girls that we all have these endless closets of clothes we never wear more than once, especially on a red carpet.”

padma lakshmi
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She added, “The hours that it takes, the artisans’ labor and the gorgeous fabrics all deserve to be worn again and treasured. It seems wasteful not to enjoy these dresses.”

In a previous interview, Padma revealed one of her biggest stresses every year is looking good for the Emmys since it’s so hard to say so in shape because of her job. “Getting ready for the Emmys is always fun, and it’s truly an honor to be nominated. But at the same time, in spite of my high metabolism, I worry each year that I’m not going to fit into anything nice, ” she shared

The mother-of-one added, “Every year I manage to somehow make it to the awards, usually with two hours of working out a day and a disciplined diet. My diet for the Emmys is pretty straightforward. It’s like a poem: no meat, no wheat, no cheese, no fried foods or sweets. And, of course, no alcohol. This time, I have the added obstacle of attending a carb-filled family wedding in India. I will lose three weeks in the middle of my training.” We think you look great tonight, Padma!