5 Reasons People Think A New Superman TV Series Could Be On The Way

If rumors are to be believed, there could be a new Superman TV series in the works. The last time that the character was featured in a live-action TV show of his own was on the CW prequel Smallville, which had a 10-year run beginning in 2001. Since then he’s primarily been on the big screen in the form of Henry Cavill starting with 2013’s Man of Steel; and then through a trio of guest appearances on the CW’s Supergirl, with Tyler Hoechlin donning the famous blue and red costume. Now there are rumblings that a new Superman TV series could be in the works.

The first show focusing on the character was 1952-58’s Adventures of Superman, starring George Reeves as the Man of Steel. This was followed by 1966-69’s animated The New Adventures of Superman, 1973-85’s animated variations of Super Friends, 1988’s animated Superman as well as 1988-92’s live-action Superboy (first played by John Haymes Newton and then Gerard Christopher), 1993-97’s live-action Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (with Dean Cain donning the tights),1996-2000’s Superman: The Animated Series, 2001-11’s Smallville (starring Tom Welling), 2001-06’s animated Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, the animated Justice League Action, which launched in 2016; and the current series that indirectly involves the character, Krypton.

(Photo Credit: Warner Bros)

Which leads us back to the aforementioned rumors of a new show. It does, however, need to be pointed out that those rumors began with a fan site that recently claimed that it’s “sources” told them that the show was in development. That particular headline has gotten picked up by a wide variety of other sites, despite the fact that their story has been debunked a couple of times. But, truth be told, the flames of a good Internet rumor can be difficult to contain, especially when, outside of it, there remain a number of events taking place that are suggesting that there may be something to it all, independent of those alleged sources.

To this end, we’ve gathered five reasons that the belief in a Superman series continues, which you can check out by scrolling below. 


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