While the majority of people would start a riot if the Back to the Future franchise ever returned without Michael J. Fox, perhaps that riot wouldn’t be a thing if it was Michael’s oldest son Sam who took over the reigns and became the new Marty McFly. And we say that because the 29-year-old is looking just like his dad in new pictures.

Michael, 57, decided to take it to his Instagram recently to share quite the family photo with his fans. In the photo, Michael sits next to his wife, Tracy Pollan, 58, and they’re surrounded by their four kids: 13-year-old Esmé Annabelle, twin daughters Aquinnah Kathleen and Schuyler Frances, 23, and of course, Sam.

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And as you can see Sam and Michael look eerily alike. You can see the strong resemblance in this recent photo that the Fox family took at the event, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s 2018 in New York.

Michael J. Fox and family
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The Fox family looks like a pretty tight-knit family, and Michael and Tracy recently mentioned how they enjoy doing things as a family, especially traveling. “Honestly, we travel a lot. We go out to dinner a lot, they do like the shopping a lot,” Tracy said. Michael also chimed in, adding how much his children like to eat. “They like to eat, a lot. None of them are huge but they like to eat,” Michael said. “They must burn a lot of calories doing something because they eat copious amounts of food.”

While Michael, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at age 29, is lucky to have such a great family to support him through everything, a source exclusively told Closer Weekly that he isn’t letting the disease stop him from working. “Aside from the fact that he loves acting,” the source said. “He wants to show the world you don’t have to give up your life’s work because you have Parkinson’s or be ashamed of it.”

Michael also had this to say about how he feels about his disease today: “It’s OK to understand where I am today, but I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about where I’ll be tomorrow,” he said. “I do the things I need to do — exercise or manage my meds correctly or get the correct amount of rest — but I don’t do them so tomorrow’s better. I do them so today is good.”

And with that positive attitude and the support of his family it sounds like Michael still has plenty to do, even if that involves directing his son in a new, proper Teen Wolf sequel. Hey, it’s an idea.