It has been an odd holiday season so far for the royal family, that’s for sure. Not only, thanks to reports, have we learned that Queen Elizabeth “is petrified” that the alleged feud between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton will ruin Christmas, but now a report reveals that the Queen has all the intention of making Meghan…watch television with her. Well, I guess that’s not so terrible.

A family insider has told The Sun that the Duchess of Sussex better prepare herself to watch TV because as part of a family tradition she will have to watch EastEnders on Christmas day. And for those that aren’t familiar, EastEnders is a British soap that has aired on BBC One since…1985. 33 years. Just imagine how many people have come back from a coma on that show.

Meghan Markle
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“The Queen loves EastEnders, and every Christmas, without fail, the telly goes on and the strains of the show’s distinctive theme tune bellow out,” the insider reveals to the outlet, adding, “It is an unlikely family tradition, and non-negotiable – even more so than watching the Queen’s speech! Obviously a couple of jokes have already been made about switching on the subtitles this year.”

The Sun also reveals that the 37-year-old will join the royal family and her husband Prince Harry at Sandringham to settle down and watch the soap special. Then again, this doesn’t sound that odd since we all sit down on Christmas day to watch A Christmas Story for 24 hours until we pass out.

Queen Elizabeth
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This will be Meghan’s first Christmas with the royal family since she hit the jackpot and married into it. And since Meghan will be watching the soap with the Queen, sounds like she’s going to miss the musical on BBC radio about her life titled The Sixth in Line to Be King and I. Unless the Queen forces her to listen.

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