A Duchess can’t be made overnight and neither was Meghan Markle. Her new royal family and friends have given her formal training on what it takes to be a royal now that she’s married to Prince Harry. Scroll down to see the royal dos and don’ts Meghan’s loved ones have taught her!

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, 36, who is Meghan’s “go-to expert” on protocol, “has given Meghan media training and has warned her, in a nice way, to tone down her touchy-feely nature and be more composed,” says a royals insider. “She has also given Meghan lessons on how to curtsy properly.” Royal consultant and Chairman of the British Monarchist Society and Foundation Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills tells Closer Weekly, “[Kate] is able to help Meghan navigate royal life from an outsider’s point of view. The most important advice is about how to deal with the pressures of royal life and how to always appear gracious in the face of the sometimes-overwhelming public.”

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Samantha Cohen

A member of the royal household for years, Meghan and Harry’s private secretary “will be ‘teaching’ Meghan the ins and outs of royal life,” says Mace-Archer-Mills. “Anything Meghan will need to know, Samantha will have the answers. It comes down to table manners, social graces, and the use of certain words when in conversation with the public. She will learn timing (spending no more than 45 seconds at most speaking with the public) and how to walk alongside her husband.” She will have a “whole new list of dos and don’ts to learn!”

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Queen Elizabeth

Over tea and cucumber sandwiches, Queen Elizabeth, 92, and Meghan, 36, “had some one-on-one time,” says a palace insider. “She gave Meghan insight into what royal life entails.” Adds Mace-Archer-Mills, “The queen has made sure through aides, secretaries, and protocol experts that Meghan will have everything needed to be immersed in royal life.”

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Emilia Wickstead and Natasha Archer

Kate’s stylist Natasha Archer (right), 30, has been “advising Meghan about royal fashion,” says the insider, and introduced her to Emilia Wickstead, 34, one of Kate’s favorite designers. “We will start to see more interesting headpieces, more daring necklines,” says Mace-Archer-Mills. “Meghan is of a new royal generation that is in tune with modern fashion.”

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Emilia (left) and Natasha (right).

Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, 44, “is giving Meghan fashion and skin care advice,” says the insider. “She introduced her to top London facialist Sarah Chapman. And with Victoria’s help, Meghan has a whole new wardrobe fit for a princess.”

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